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July 1, 2020
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Cool Drink and Beverage Ideas for the Summer

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Summer is a favorite and popular season for most people. The sun, the sand, the beach and the parties are something most people look forward to. Summer vacations are full of fun and trips that refresh and rejuvenate the spirit. Summer is also the best time to have the coolest drinks around. Whether for fun parties on the beach or for some family fun with sweet fruity drinks, the hot weather will truly require some of the coolest drinks.

There are many alcoholic drinks available and mixing them is easy. Although the simplest thing to do is buy a few packs of beer, it is really not that much harder to make your own drinks. For the beach, you can make tasty, refreshing, and enjoyable drinks that you can share with family and friends.

Sex on the Beach is made of equal parts of cranberry juice and orange juice, plus add half a part of peach schnapps and almost two parts vodka. Sangria is an equally great tasting drink, but without the mixing because the drink is readily available in grocery or liquor stores. Summer Brew is a strong flavored drink as it is made up of four parts beer, one part line, and one part vodka. Mai Tai is made of one part light rum and half parts of creme de almond, dark rum, and pineapple juice. This drink is very refreshing but with a mild kick to it. Hurricane is a bit more complicated combining vodka, grenadine, light rum, almond liquor and grapefruit and pineapple juice, to get that distinctive strong taste. Finally, any Mexican drink will truly be a great hit on the beach.

For non-alcoholic drinks and best for just lazing around the beach, go get yourself fruit shakes and smoothies to help you cool down with sweet and yummy drinks. Just blend your favorite fruits in a blender with ice or ice cream and you'll have drinks that the whole family can enjoy. If the flavor of the smoothie is not as strong as desired, then add some fruit juice into the mix. Apple juice and white grape juice complements other fruit flavors without overpowering the taste.

Complement your drinks with food that is fun and easy to eat while you are on the beach. Finger foods you can munch on will be your best bet. Leave the heavy meals at home. Except when having a poolside or beachfront barbeque, you can leave the utensils and silverware at home since you will be getting simple finger foods anyway. But for a family barbeque, be mindful of the drinks so that underage children will not drink the alcoholic beverages intended for the adults at home.

No matter which drink you choose, what is important is that you get to maximize the best that summer has to offer. Summer will always be the best time to have fun no matter what the time of day is. Summer is a time where you can hold parties for both day and night.


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