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November 18, 2020
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Grill Thrills

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There is something so primal and manly about cooking over an open flame that the grill is often off-limits to anyone but the man of the house. But often, the thrill of the grill is limited to hamburgers, hotdogs, and the occasional rack of ribs. The following grilling basics will inject new enthusiasm to this fun cooking method.

You have to keep in mind that grilling is a quick cooking process. The meat has to be tender right from the start. You cannot cook longer like in steaming and boiling where it will tenderize the meat. You try that in the grill and you will end up with charcoal for dinner. Be aware of the meat's freshness, thickness, cut and marbling. These factors will determine the final outcome of your efforts.

All the fancy flavourings and infusions will be useless if done on the wrong cut of meat. Porterhouse steaks, T-bone, and strip steaks are popular choices because they are the ones best suited to being subject to the grill's high heat. Thinner cuts like flank steaks and skirt steaks burn easily and are not recommended for outdoor barbecues and indoor broilers.

Freshness is important but so is aging. For the freshest cuts, only buy beef that is bright red or deep red. Avoid those pre-cuts with too much blood or juice in the package. Those have been sitting in the butchers for so long. The blood or juices are an indication that the meat is starting to lose its integrity and that a lot of the moisture has been lost already. Don't go for too much leanness. A good layer of fat will end up giving your dish additional flavor.

Even cuts are the best for grilling. Too thin and you burn the meat. Too thick and the inside will be raw. Have one side thinner and that side will get done first. Cook it long enough for the thicker side to get done and you will end up burning the other.

Next concern is aging the meat. Buy meat a few days from the planned grilling. This way, the met will have time to mature in your refrigerator. Aging is when the meat's natural enzymes act on it making it more tender. Frozen meat should be allowed to thaw out completely before being grilled.

Aging the meat is also the perfect time to marinate it for more flavor and tenderness. This should be done on the day the meat is to be cooked, because marinades can work fast, especially if they contain an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar, salt or alcohol such as wine. You want it tender, but not disintegrated, so watch the timing carefully. If marinating the meat, trim any unwanted fat first, then place the meat and its marinade inside a plastic bag and put it immediately into the refrigerator. When it's time to take out the meat for cooking, remove and discard the marinade.

Be mindful of possible food poisoning - you don't want to ruin your otherwise perfect barbecue. Keep the meat refrigerated until you are ready to cook. Placing it on a counter while you fire up the grill is just inviting disaster. Take the usual precautions when handling raw meat.

Finally, you can place the meat on the grill and wait eagerly for dinner to be served. Enjoy!


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