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June 9, 2020
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Camp Fire Fajitas Make the Mouth Water

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I am an avid lover of camping under the stars. I guess it's the outdoors that seem to make the problems and stresses of the world fade away into a distant memory. To enhance this even more, I continuously research, experiment and upgrade my camp fire cooking abilities every opportunity that I get.

One of my more favored unique camp fire meals is fajitas. The first step in a good fajita roast is finding good fajitas. You should explore your grocery store meat market in search of beef skirt steak and some chicken breasts.

The skirt steak can be a bit on the tough side if you fail to marinate the heck out of it. So, with that in mind, grab yourself a nice sized zip lock bag that will hold your skirt steak and the marinade. You may need to do this with a couple of zip lock bags.

My little home brew marinade is a can of any beer, some white vinegar, salt, pepper and I like to throw in some jalapenos to spice it up a bit. Let that sit in the refrigerator or cooler over night, two is better, so it is thoroughly saturated.

The chicken breasts really do not need any marinade. A simple rub will suffice in whatever flavor you would like. I prefer Cajun spice myself.

Now, the trick is getting that fire going just right. You will have to find my camp fire building article for more information on this. But, I will give you the brief break down. What you will need to do is get your coals or wood down to a nice hot layer of coals. This should be hot enough that it would prevent you from holding your hand within five to six inches of it for more than five seconds.

Now, you spread out your coals evenly. Then, place your camp grill over the fire. Let me give you a quick tip on cleaning your grill. There is nothing better than slicing an onion in half, poking a fork into it and then running it up and down your grill. This is even better when the fire is going. The fluids and acids in the onion will sure clean that grill off quickly and you do not have to worry about left over chemicals.

Once you get the grill in place over the fire, you should go ahead and place your chicken breasts onto the center of the grill; which is the hottest part. You chicken will go first because it will take the longest to cook.

Let the chicken roast for a bit, about ten minutes should do it, and then flip it over. Again, leave the chicken center grill for about another five minutes or so. At that point, you should move the chicken to the outside of the grill. By now, the inside of the chicken should be cooking in its own juices. The chicken will continue to cook, just not as rapidly.

The reason you moved the chicken to the outside of the grill is to make a spot for your beef skirt steaks. These will take up quite a bit of room. You will want to remove your skirt steak from the zip lock bags. Do not slice up the flank of skirt steak. You should just lay this right onto the grill. Now, this is a thin piece of meat, so it will cook rather quickly. It should not take more than five minutes on one side and flipping it over for another ten minutes on the other side.

The beef skirt steak will cause some flare up from your coals. I personally like my fajitas to be a bit charred. That is just me though, you may not. So, to control this, keep yourself a spray bottle full of water handy. Or you can rough it, and just splash some beer over the coals every now and then to control the flames.

The beef skirt steak will begin to shrink down slightly and curl a bit as it cooks. After fifteen minutes or so, it should be pretty much ready. If you like yours well done, cook it another five or ten minutes.

Remove the beef from the grill. Now, ensure that you slice against the grain of the beef when cutting your fajita strips. This will keep your beef tender.

Use a toothpick to poke a deep hole into the chicken breasts. The fluids should be clear, if not, let it cook another ten minutes or so. You can even cut into the breast and check for doneness. It does not hurt the meat to leave it on after cutting into it. You just do not want to do that too often.

Now, cut up all of your meat and place it in tin foil to keep it warm. Throw some tortillas onto the grill and allow the grates to brown them slightly. Remove these from the grill when browned to your preference and the stack of tortillas in foil to keep them warm.

All that's left is to load your tortilla with beef, chicken, salsa, and guacamole and squeeze some lime onto it and you are ready to go. Enjoy.


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